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Cherry Blossoms

Lab Draws

We have partnered with Access Medical Labs and Quest Diagnostics to provide you with the most affordable lab prices as well as quick results. Results are reported within 24 hours of Access Medical Labs receiving your sample. We can help you monitor your health and wellness with routine lab draws while skipping the high deductibles and co-pays typically seen with hospital-affiliated labs. 

Lab needs vary from each individual and we are more than willing to help you manage and maintain your health by routine and intermittent monitoring.

We offer a variety of testing methods from blood, saliva, urine, and swab samples, and we are able to do point of care testing in-house.**

We prefer to collect labs during an in-office visit, however there may be times when fasting labs may be required and you may be asked to return at a later time.

Have a high deductible? Working with Access Medical Labs and Quest Diagnostics allows us to skip the hassle of insurance companies being the middle man and focus on your health.  

Lab draws starting at $59.00

** Point of care testing pending CLIA waiver approval.

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